Hedon’s Heroine Racer Cosmos 2.0

In a world where safety meets style, Hedon returns with an exciting addition to its helmet collection: the Heroine Racer Cosmos 2.0.

With its blend of retro sci-fi aesthetics and modern comfort features, the Cosmos 2.0 is destined to become a game changer in the world of motorcycle helmets.

Let’s take a look at the key features that make this helmet truly remarkable.

Sci-fi inspired retro design

Hedon’s Heroine Racer Cosmos 2.0 pays homage to the Retro Sci-Fi theme of 2023. Inspired by the visionary designs of Pierre Cardin, this helmet features a striking look that transports you to the future without losing a touch of nostalgia.

The helmet features four color mask options and semi-geometric lines that exemplify Hedon’s dedication to craftsmanship and aesthetics.

Unparalleled comfort

The Heroine Racer 2.0 isn’t just about style; it’s designed to maximize riding comfort. Crafted with attention to detail, this helmet features a luxurious interior lined with anti-bacterial Merlin fabric and brown leather trim.

The 360° padding with Hed Armour lining ensures a snug and comfortable fit, making long rides a breeze.

Innovative visor mechanism

One of the standout features of the Heroine Racer Cosmos 2.0 is its new visor mechanism. Unlike traditional helmets with only two visor positions, this helmet offers four adjustable positions, allowing you to fine-tune your visor for optimal visibility.

The CNC screws used in the mechanism provide increased security and durability, ensuring your safety on the road. In addition, it features 5 different interchangeable color visors, which are sold separately.

Lightweight and well ventilated

Hedon understands the importance of a lightweight helmet, and have revamped the shell of the Heroine Racer 2.0 using the latest shell forming technology. As a result, the helmet is now lighter, making your ride more comfortable.

In addition, its low-profile design and three-channel ventilation system ensure excellent air circulation, reducing heat and sweat buildup.


The Hedon Racer Cosmos 2.0, has certifications for Europe, the United Kingdom (ECE 2206) and the United States (DOT)and is roadworthy in key regions around the world.


Hedon’s Heroine Racer Cosmos 2.0 is not just a helmet; it’s a masterpiece that combines style, comfort and innovation. With its Retro Sci-Fi design, luxurious interior, innovative visor mechanism and lightweight construction, it sets a new standard for motorcycle helmets.

Whether you’re cruising the streets of London or exploring the open roads, the Heroine Racer 2.0 promises a truly breathtaking riding experience.

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